Development Centre for
Applied Dynamics
Structural Dynamics
Competency Centre for Seismic qualification of Structures, Plant and Equipment

In House Training

Broad Coverage
* Dynamic Aspects of Industrial Systems i.e. Industrial Structures, Equipment and associated interfaces.
* System Response to Dynamic Loads.
* Structure-Equipment Interaction.
* Modeling and analysis.
Program Advantage
* Clear understanding of the system data and appreciation of its influence/limitations on the response.
* Improved confidence level of Designers.
Training Programs
Venue: Your office auditorium. Dates: As per mutual convenience.
Day 1
Basic understanding; No mathematics
Understanding Dynamics of Structural systems; Understanding Earthquake Data; Earthquake Terminology; Equipment Structure Interaction; Seismic Qualification of Structures and Equipment
Day 2
Applied Vibration; Limited mathematics
Free and Forced Vibration, SDOF Systems and MDOF systems; Response to Dynamic Loading; Transient and Steady State Response; Vibration Isolation; FE Modeling and analysis; Modeling Incompatibilities - assumptions and validation; Sample Problems
Program Cost (Unlimited Participants)
Program Type
Cost within India
Cost outside India
1 Day program
INR 70,000/-
USD 3000/-
2 Day program
INR 120,000/-
USD 6000/-
In addition, cost of travel and local hospitality (boarding, lodging etc. + Applicable taxes) payable as per actuals. Infrastructure facilities like projector, screen, tea, snacks, lunch etc. to be arranged by Host Company.
Complimentary Books
1 copy for 1 day program and 2 copies for 2 day program of each book:
* Foundations for Industrial Machines by K G Bhatia.
* Analysis of Indeterminate Structures by Prof D V Mallick.
Registration and Details: CLICK HERE