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Note to Industry

Except nuclear and some petrochemical facilities, no other industry attaches requisite importance to seismic safety of equipment and industrial structures. What to talk of codal provisions for Seismic Safety of Equipment, there is hardly any provision for earthquake resistant design of Industrial Structures. Most of the existing codes adequately cover Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings; there applicability to Industrial Structures remains a question mark. Importance Factor, Load combination procedures, Formulae for computing fundamental frequency/time period are some of the areas that need to adequately addressed. Whereas the analytical procedures used for seismic qualification of civil structures can be said to have been established and validated, such validation are practically missing so far as equipment and industrial structures are concerned.

Lack of concern for seismic safety seems to be on account of (a) lack of awareness about the risk of earthquake damage, (b) lack of availability of norms and guidelines to cater to this aspect, (c) absence of any regulatory authority and most important is (d) infrequent visits of earthquakes to industrial set-up locations. It is essential that one understands seismic qualification requirements, method of qualification, e.g. Testing/Analytical, their merits/demerits; limitations etc. and identify the grey areas which need immediate attention.

Bureau of Indian Standard has taken a lead in this respect and brought out specific code IS 1893 (Part 4): 2005 dealing with Earthquake Resistant Design of Industrial Structures. Dr. Bhatia happens to be the convener of this code. Seismic safety of equipment, however, is left out and yet to be taken up by BIS.

Dr Bhatia has organized two symposiums dedicated to this Seismic Qualification of Plant and Machinery.

  1. Symposium on Earthquake Effects on Plant and Equipment, Hyderabad, India, 1984.
  2. Symposium on Earthquake Effects on Structures, Plant and Machinery New Delhi, India, 1996.

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